Dinner at Cheesetique

by Chris on September 18, 2009

Dinner at Cheesetique

We had another fabulous night of cheese and charcuterie at Cheesetique, the cheese shop just down the street from us in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria. For $25, they put together a board of 3 cheeses and 3 meats, along with mustard, quince and cornichons.

Here’s the lineup:


Brebirousse. A creamy sheep’s cheese from France. We liked the texture and mellow flavors, especially how they played out with the other cheeses on the plate. Not sure if I would love this one by itself.

Beemster Gouda. Bright orange in color, this cow’s cheese from Holland was one of the nuttiest tasting cheeses we had ever tasted. We liked the crunch.

Bleu des Causses. Our favorite of the evening. A softer bleu than we’ve had before, this raw cow’s cheese had a great texture and a strong flavor. The woman next to us thought it was too much, but we both enjoyed it.


Salametti Secchi. A spicy dense salami with more than a hint of fennel.

Peppercorn Mousse. The best of the meats, we liked this turkey and pork liver pate better than many of the duck pates we’ve had in the past.

Jambon Francais. Honestly, we didn’t like this much more than the ham you’d get in the deli. We tend to like cured meats better (but didn’t want to pay a premium for Iberico de Bellota!)


We tried a couple of different wines, including a Cote des Rhone, a Nebbiolo and a Shiraz. But we brought home a Valpolicella by Degani.

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