Island Windjammers: the rope ship swing

by Chris on January 17, 2010

Reliving childhood on an old-fashioned rope ship swing aboard the Diamant, during an Island Windjammers cruise

Captain Matt on the rope boat swing, Diamant, Island Windjammers

As I mentioned in my first post about my Island Windjammers cruise, one of my favorite activities on the boat was flinging myself into the water from an old-fashioned rope swing attached to the side of the boat.

I was the first to go Tarzan – but others soon jumped in. The crew would even do it, once we were docked for the night  Here are a few photos of jumpers in action:

Pat gives it a go, rope boat swing, Diamant, Island Windjammers

It took some convincing, but Pat eventually took a leap.

Janet on the rope boat swing, Diamant, Island Windjammers

Janet said the swing reminded her of childhood swimming holes in Alabama.

Bob on the rope ship swing, Diamant, Island Windjammers

I think we were all surprised when Bob – who eschewed the snorkeling and swimming to spend time on the boat reading – took a jump.

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