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  1. Steve Berg
    July 30, 2010

    Hi Chris,
    Having gone to several reunions as both the alum and the spouse/partner, I’d also add “show sincere and positive interest in your spouse/partner’s (high school, college, law school). Don’t make fun of it as being slacker, bottom choice, last place you’d want to send your child…etc..it is what it is, good or bad, someone either chose to go there or went because of circumstances outside of their control. And be real, you’ll have no say it where your kid goes and if you diss it too much, they will go there just out of spite and being negative reflects badly on you.

  2. Don McKinnon
    August 1, 2010

    Well I was a non-American attending Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington DC and graduated with the class of ’56. So by accident I heard about the 50th reunion in 2006 and went along with curious enthusiasm. I had not had contact with anyone since I left the DC in 1957. You walk into a room not recognising anyone until I saw the name tags. It was great and my wife not only enjoyed it but became one of the official photographers and had a great time. as a spouse she’s awaiting the 70th !!! DM

    • Chris
      August 4, 2010

      Don – How nice to be able to go back after so long and reconnect! Thanks for sharing your story here.

  3. Chinamatt
    August 5, 2010

    I don’t think my wife’s schools do reunions…but I have met plenty of her former classmates. We missed my reunion, but I didn’t feel bad about it. I really don’t care about seeing most of those people again.

    • Chris
      August 6, 2010

      Matt – I’ve actually never been to one of my reunions either. Maybe the urge to go back increases with age – people do get a bit more nostalgic, I notice. And actually, now that I’ve friended a lot of “lost” classmates on Facebook, I’d be more inclined to go. We’ll see. My 25th will be in a few years.

  4. Helen
    March 27, 2011

    My ex sister-inlaw went to a school reunion last may in 2010 and persisted for her husband not to go with her, as her husband he wanted to go so after arguing and whatever he let her go. He ended up getting so upset he went for a drive with my other brother and met her there for a drink stayed a little and left. After the reunion she was very cold and mean tiwards her husband and after about 9 months of putting her husband throu hell and putting him down everyday she decided that she didn’t love him anymore so she wanted to move out! They broke up and she started abandoning her 2 children all the time she was always going out not caring about her kids! In the end we found all her messages in the computer she was seeing her ex boyfriend from her high school! They met each other at the reunion and it started from there! Her 17 year old son found all her messages in her mobile phone from the guy she was seeing and cheating behind her husbands back for 9 mnths and she still denies that she has done nothing wrong! It makes me sick to the stomach how some man u havnt seen in 20 years comes along and she broke up her family and marriage for someone she doesn’t even know! I think If you are married or have a partner and you have a school reunion you should go together or don’t go at all! She should be ashamed of herself at 41 yrs old!! To say she wasn’t happy in her marriage? She had everything and anything she wanted because my brother was a hard working man and gave her the world! Now she’s with sone low life bum that had nothing and she can’t even afford to live! She deserves everything that comes her way now!

    • Chris
      March 27, 2011

      @Helen – Wow. That’s what you *don’t* want to happen at a high school reunion.

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