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  1. Gray
    August 21, 2010

    Chris, you have perfectly described here why I prefer the independent hotels over the all-inclusives. There’s nothing wrong with either, but it definitely is all about the kind of vacation you’re looking for. I get restless at the all-inclusives.

    • Chris
      August 24, 2010

      Gray & Debbie – Thanks for your comments. I definitely fall under the category of independent traveler, but I can also see why people looking for a break choose all-inclusive resorts. Maybe I just haven’t found one that I love yet (it would have to have GREAT food for this chowhound!) I usually find that I can get better bargains elsewhere.

  2. Debbie Ferm
    August 22, 2010

    I am not a huge fan of all inclusives either, as I never have more than two drinks at a sitting:) Also, I don’t really need any encouragement to eat more than I already do:) Good synopsis.

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