Bedding Down: Sexy Hotel Art in Toronto

by Chris on December 6, 2011

Sexy hotel art: A turn on or turn off? A visit to Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square in Toronto begs the question.

 Hotel art, St. Germain Maple Leaf Square

Hotel art is a funny thing. You usually don’t notice it unless it jumps out and hits you over the head, for better or worse.

When I entered my room at the Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square, one of Toronto’s newest boutique hotels, the picture above the bed made me stop short.

I didn’t know how to react. Was I in a bathhouse? A workout video? And, as @Jbtaylor  said on Twitter, how could anyone ever order room service with a picture like that staring down at them?

Over dinner, my friend, National Post writer Vanessa Farquharson and I tried to figure it out. Based out of Quebec, Le Germain Hotels are part of Groupe Germain, which has boutique properties throughout Canada. “Maybe it’s part of that whole French sexy thing,” she suggested. “Or maybe that’s where they put all the women traveling alone.” “What, so you can pull out a vibrator?” I replied. “How many people do that?”

Photo courtesy of Groupe Germain, Flickr

(Although the Molton Brown products in the bathroom, as well as the rainfall shower head, must be a prime selling point for women guests. Hmmm…..)

CN Tower, Toronto

Later, I read that there was a method to the seeming madness. Taken by noted photographer Matthew Plexman, the pictures were of professional athletes who played for Toronto’s NHL, MLS and NBAteams (and some must also stay there, as I saw a 6’9 guy loitering by the elevators in a jersey). The hotel is situated within walking distance of Toronto’s sports arena (and for those who don’t like sports, CN Tower).

Luckily, Hotel Le Germain has a sense of humor about my tweets. When I checked out, the concierge, Gregory, recognized me from Twitter and stopped to chat. “It’s fun for couples,” he said of the pictures. “The women really like it.”

More art of hot athletes in another room. Photo courtesy of Groupe Germain, Flickr

I asked him a question that Vanessa had posed: “Aren’t the men intimidated by seeing guys like that above the bed?”

“Perhaps,” he said. “But they like the blinds on the shower – which open from the outside – so there’s something for them too.”

Photo courtesy of Groupe Germain, Flickr

Touche, Le Germain. Touche!

You can follow Le Germain on Twitter at @HotelGermain.

I realize that this is the second hotel post I’ve done in two days. But I’m curious: What do you think of sexy hotel art? Would it get you in the mood? Or make you laugh so much that nooky is out of the question?  

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Roy Marvelous December 6, 2011 at 8:48 pm

If it were sexy female art, sure!


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