B.C. Beauty: The Proud Bald Eagle, in Pictures and Video

by Chris on May 30, 2012

More wildlife from British Columbia, with pictures and video of bald eagles outside Prince Rupert

This is second of a series of posts from Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

Eagle pictures

After seeing five grizzly bears, including two (relatively) tiny cubs, on an excursion to the Khutzeymateen Valley in northern British Columbia, I thought the wildlife was done for the day. Not so. Apparently Normand Aubin, of Prince Rupert Adventure Tours, had other tricks up his sleeve.

Eagles, Prince Rupert

Make that raw meat. As we entered the Prince Rupert harbor, Normand climbed on top of the deck with a bag and started throwing it off the boat onto the water.

Eagle pictures, Prince Rupert

Within a few minutes, eagles swooped out of the sky like monster gulls, their wings spread out. We could see them coming from across the water, gliding majestically with their talons out, before diving in after the meat.

Eagle pictures, Prince Rupert

Getting good shots of eagles on the water is tough, particularly if you don’t have a camera that takes rapid fire photos (I put my Canon on sport setting, but the birds were still too fast for me). What I saw is represented much better in the video below.

Some may argue with the ethics of feeding wild animals. It’s not something that I support. But I remember when DDT threatened to wipe out eagles in the 1970s. I read those stories as a child, and wondered if I would ever see one in the wild. I hope I never lose my awe toward them.

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