Photo Friday: Sunset over Seattle

by Chris on June 15, 2012

This week’s Photo Friday takes a look at rooftops, illustrated by a glorious sunset over Seattle.

This is part of an ongoing photo series inspired by #FriFotos on Twitter.

Sunset over Seattle

This week’s Photo Friday topic is ROOFTOPS. This photo was taken from my second apartment in Seattle, a tiny studio that I sublet in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood. My husband Don had remained in Philadelphia to get our home ready to sell, so I was on my own. My building had a large rooftop deck, and I would often spend the evenings there, reading and enjoying the late sunsets with a glass of wine (the time difference made it too difficult to contact those back home).

There’s something intrinsically romantic about rooftops. In the movies, we watch action heroes leap across them, skipping from peak to peak. They make the perfect escape for lovers, a picnic, an intense conversation. We go up to see the stars, to ponder the skyline, to spy into our neighbors’ lives, to have a moment alone in a city of many. We look toward the horizon, and dream.

Don and I camped out on this same rooftop on one of his visits, inspired by a sunset that seemed to go on for hours. The deck had lounge chairs and we dragged up a sleeping bag and some pillows for a impromptu camp-out. We did a lot of talking and laughing that night; forced separations either tear you apart or bring you back together even stronger than you were before. For us, it was the latter.

As The Drifters sang, it’s peaceful on the roof, a place and time unto itself.  We no longer have roof access, but we can look out and see the rooftops of our neighbors as the hill slopes down to Puget Sound. In one glance, we feel alone yet not alone. It’s a beautiful feeling, especially in twilight.

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