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Stranded by Sandy – or another winter storm? Here are some tips with how to rebook your flight when weather forces airline cancellations.
Hurricane Sandy path

A fabulous weekend getaway to Napa could have turned sour when Hurricane Sandy forced most of our party’s outgoing flights back to the East Coast to be canceled. Nothing is a bigger buzzkill than airline problems. But the Philly women on the trip – my sister and several of her friends who work for Fortune […]

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Ask Chris: A reader heading to Sanibel Island wonders about things to do, restaurants to try and off-island activities.
Things to do in Sanibel Island

This is part of my ongoing  ”Ask a travel expert” series. Question: We’re going to Sanibel this weekend for the first time, arriving Sat. and staying four nights. We’d welcome any guidance, esp. on dining, but also on best beaches and birding spots and what else we should do on the island. We’re thinking of […]


Ask Chris: Things to Do in Paris

by Chris on March 7, 2012

Ask Chris: A reader asks for recommendations on things to do in Paris.

This is part of my ongoing  “Ask a travel expert” series. What to do in Paris?  Question: I am writing because I recently won two tickets on Air France to Paris and was wondering if you have any recommendations for what to do with a week in Paris! Eat, see, tour, where to stay on […]


Ask Chris: More details on planning a campervan trip to New Zealand.

Question: My husband and I are taking your advice—we’re going to campervan through New Zealand!  We’re flying in and out of Auckland, and we’ll have 10 days total.  Your blog post was very helpful, but I have a few additional questions.  Do you recommend your campervan company? How did you know where to go?  Did the […]


Ask Chris: Recommendations for Art Travel?

by Chris on January 25, 2012

A reader who loves art asks for advice for some budget places to travel.
Shepard Fairey mural at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, Art Basel, Miami, Florid

Question: I rarely get a chance to travel and I am considering a trip in February, the 20-26. I am not really bent on going any place in particular, but I really want an experience where I will be comfortable and occupied while travelling solo. I am a painter and printmaker and had thought an […]


Tips for booking a spring break vacation in the Caribbean for March 2012

Q: I’m looking to plan out a 5/6 night Caribbean March break for my family (wife, two kids, 19 & 22) during spring break 2012. We’re looking for a rest — w/swimming, snorkeling, boating, etc. And we’re on your basic kids-in-college budget. We’re open to going to a variety of locations, just don’t have much […]

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Noticed on the road: More luxury hotels seem to be including free mini bars to their high end guests.
hotel mini bar

One of the biggest arguments that I have with my husband when we’re on the road together concerns the hotel  mini bar. I avoid them like the plague, preferring to save money by buying snacks and money at a nearby grocery store. Whereas he can’t seem to stay out of them, rationalizing that ease of […]


My house is sold….and I couldn’t be happier. Why buying a home isn’t right for this quasi-nomad
House is Sold

“I’m as free as a bird now…and this bird, she will not change.” Yep, I’m quoting Freebird. Or Free-biiiird!, which is probably how we all say it aloud in our minds. I’ve been playing that song in my head like bad air guitar ever since last week, when I received word that my house – […]


Ask Chris: Where to Eat in Barcelona

by Chris on March 28, 2011

Wondering where to eat in Barcelona? A few suggestions, including Cal Pep, Tapac 24, Jamonisimo (home to the best ham in the word), Can Sole and La Boqueria.
Where to eat in Barcelona, Tapac 24 Barcelona

A couple of my friends are visiting Barcelona this week, and asked me if I knew of any good spots to eat. I have never been but thought it would be a good idea to ask you. I suppose they are looking for anything that they might not notice in guide books, something like some […]


A Life of Travel: Romantic Trips

by Chris on February 14, 2011

On Valentine’s Day, a list of favorite romantic trips we’ve taken over the years.
Travel Romantic, Sunset over Bequia

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have much of an impact around here. We have a schedule that lets us go out to dinner whenever we want and we tend to spend our money on travel instead of jewelry and presents. But we have been lucky enough to travel on some romantic trips in the five+ years we’ve […]