My house is sold….and I couldn’t be happier. Why buying a home isn’t right for this quasi-nomad
House is Sold

“I’m as free as a bird now…and this bird, she will not change.” Yep, I’m quoting Freebird. Or Free-biiiird!, which is probably how we all say it aloud in our minds. I’ve been playing that song in my head like bad air guitar ever since last week, when I received word that my house – […]


A Life of Travel: Romantic Trips

by Chris on February 14, 2011

On Valentine’s Day, a list of favorite romantic trips we’ve taken over the years.
Travel Romantic, Sunset over Bequia

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have much of an impact around here. We have a schedule that lets us go out to dinner whenever we want and we tend to spend our money on travel instead of jewelry and presents. But we have been lucky enough to travel on some romantic trips in the five+ years we’ve […]


Hello Kitty, hello world! The Sanrio Small Gift Pop Up Shop toured the country in 2010. I caught the gallery exhibition featuring pictures of Hello Kitty at Art Basel in Miami.
Hello Kitty Small Gift Tour, Sanrio Pop Up Shop, Art Basel, Miami, Florida

I loved many things about my first visit to Miami’s Art Basel, considered the U.S.’s most important art show. From the serious works by name artists at the Convention Center to the impromptu gallery built out of a moving van, the entire scene seemed ablaze with creative  energy. At the end of the weekend, I […]


Passport photos, through the ages

by Chris on April 9, 2010

Through the decades, a look at a life in travel, as evidenced by my passport photos.

I just got a new passport this week – and man, it’s scary to see the aging process as documented by the federal government (as if you can’t tell, the 40-year-old version of Chris is on the left). Beats the alternative, I guess! What I do love about these photos is that I still feel […]


Too much stuff: A traveler’s lament

by Chris on March 5, 2010

Our move from Washington DC to Philadelphia has proven one thing: The level of stuff we have is unacceptable. It’s cramping our mobility, inhibiting our dreams. You can’t fly when anchors are tied around your feet.

I’ve spent the past few days surrounded by boxes, as we complete our move from Washington DC to Philadelphia. Believe it or not, I like moving. There’s something cathartic about picking up and heading for greener pastures, of casting off what’s behind you and moving forward into the unknown. It’s a fresh start, with new people […]


Happy Holidays!

by Chris on December 24, 2009

A 2009 Merry Christmas message, from Chris Gray Faust to all her readers from Sanibel Island, Fla.
Merry Florida Xmas!

  It’s no secret that I dislike cold weather – so I’m spending the holidays in sunny Florida. My husband, along with my sister and her boyfriend, are all here with my parents on Sanibel Island, on Florida’s west coast. I’ll also be spending time in Ft. Myers, Naples and Tampa in the next 10 […]


On having divided sports loyalties in the World Series, when you’re a frequent traveler.
Phillies, World Series

Go Phillies! Ok, that’s what I’m saying now, as the World Series gets underway. A few weeks ago, I was rooting for the Minnesota Twins. I spent my chidhood in Minneapolis, after all, so clearly the Twins are my hometown team. But are they really? Hard to say. So far, I’ve lived in 9 states, often having […]


Off-road: The September Issue

by Chris on October 2, 2009

A review of The September Issue, a documentary movie starring Vogue editor Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington
Anna Wintour

Travel has always been my love. But fashion – well, that has always been a more covert passion. In my ‘tween years, I used to collect all the glossies – Seventeen, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Elle and la creme de la creme, Vogue. Looking back, I’m not sure that my main interest was the clothes themselves (I’ve […]


Road Trip: Family Farm Auction

by Chris on September 28, 2009

A report on an auction that took place on Kenemuth farm in Clarion County
farm auction

It’s been more than two years since my maternal grandmother passed away. We all expected it – she lived to be nearly 101 – but her death still shook  my mother’s family. The estate, which mostly encompasses an 88-acre former farm in western Pennsylvania, is still being deliberated My memories of Kenemuth Farm are legion. A suburban kid, I nonetheless […]


Travel TV: The Amazing Race, season premiere

by Chris on September 27, 2009

Travel TV: The Amazing Race, season premiere

  The 15th season of CBS’s The Amazing Race started tonight, oddly enough against the premiere of Ken Burns’ series The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. While the two couldn’t be more different in terms of pacing and scope, it still makes an exciting night for those of us who love travel. I watched the premiere […]