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So it goes: Tracking down Kurt Vonnegut’s Indianapolis
Kurt Vonnegut, Indiianapolis

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. came to my college campus in 1991, at the height of the first Gufl War. Fervantly peacenik, his words inspired our auditorium and I remember standing and cheering when his witty, yet forceful anti-war and anti-Bush speech finished. I had read his books before, but I never knew the author, who died […]


Touring the Indy 500 museum with track historian Donald Davidson
Winning cars at the Indy 500 Museum

Where: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, located in the infield at the Indy 500 track. Why: After zooming around the Speedway at 200 mph for the Indy Racing Experience, Dad and I wandered over the Hall of Fame Museum. The Museum has many of the winning Indy cars on display so for […]


Photo Friday: Vermont Fall

by Don Faust on July 29, 2011

Photo Friday: Picture of the Vermont countryside in the fall, peak foliage season
Vermont Fall

This week’s Photo Friday (#FriFotos) theme is COUNTRYSIDE.  A few years ago Chris and I traveled through Vermont on the way into Québec, Canada.  On the way back from Québec, we hit the perfect Vermont fall folliage season – one week was all it took, and the leaves everywhere were mixtures of yellow and crimson.  The […]


Trying a breaded pork tenderloin – an Indiana delicacy – at the Mug n Bun in Indianapolis.
Breaded pork tenderloin sandwich, Mug n Bun, Indianapolis

What:  Wisconsin has cheese curds, brats and beer cheese soup. Minnesota has walleye, hot dish and lutefisk. I grew up in the Midwest so I knew better than to dismiss Indiana as a culinary wasteland. Surely Indianapolis would have some sort of traditional dish? It took some searching, but eventually I found a contender: The breaded […]


My father-daughter trip to the Indy Racing Experience.
Father daughter trips

Growing up, I was a Daddy’s Girl. Not in that saccharine bat-your-eyelashes way that many people interpret the phrase. Southern belles don’t spring from western Pennsylvania roots; God knows I’ve never been a flirt. No, our family’s version of Daddy’s Girl meant packing the cooler with cold cuts and sandwiches so Dad and I could […]


The week’s Photo Friday takes a look at the great food and good times served up at the Italian Market Festival in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia Italian Market Festival

This week’s Photo Friday (#FriFotos) theme is FESTIVALS.  Chris and I used to live only a half block from the Italian Market in Philadelphia.  Each year on the second weekend of May, we always looked forward to the Italian Market Festival, where the 6+  blocks of the market would be shut off from traffic, and […]


A stop at Full Sail brewery in Hood River, Oregon – known as a kiteboarding and outdoor sports paradise.
Beer at Full Sail Brewery

Where: Full Sail Brewing, an employee owned micro-brewery in Hood River, a town that’s as sporty as it is scenic. Why we went:  We first tasted Full Sail’s highly regarded Session lager when beer lovers Austin Hill and Kelly Goodman of Travellious brought some to our Memorial Day #TravBBQ. While I’m not a huge beer […]


Oregon Road Trip: Multnomah Falls

by Chris on July 19, 2011

A stop at Multnomah Falls, Oregon’s most iconic – and photographed – waterfall
Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Where: Multnomah Falls, Oregon, located along the Columbia River Gorge. The falls were the main stop along our Oregon roadtrip along the Historic Columbia River Highway When: July 3-4 – which turned out to be one of the worst days to visit the falls. The crowds and traffic were about as bad it gets (although […]


Sand Turtle decorated with sea shells on Sanibel Island Beach, FL.
Sand Turtle on Sanibel Island Beach

This week’s Photo Friday (#FriFotos) theme is SUMMER.  To me, summer means a season of shorts and flip-flops and playing on the beach.  The turtle sand sculpture pictured above was taken during an early morning walk on Sanibel Island, FL.


Tips and tricks for using Facebook to help plan your travel.

This post previously appeared on When Holly Jespersen’s parents needed a Savannah restaurant for their 40th anniversary dinner, she did what is second nature to those who use social media: She asked her 800+ friends on Facebook for ideas. “I got some great recommendations,” said Jespersen, a public relations professional based in Darien, Conn. […]