Dresden: Baroque Downed Palaces

by Chris on October 22, 2010

Things to do in Dresden, including baroque palaces and the famous Green Vault.
Dresden, Germany

      Visiting Dresden proved to the biggest surprise of our week-long trip to the cities that had been a part of the former East Germany.            I knew that Dresden had been considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe before World War II – which is allegedly one of the reasons why the Allies […]


Berlin Festival of Lights

by Chris on October 17, 2010

Planning a fall visit to Berlin? You might want to check out the city’s Festival of Lights. Here’s some photos from our 2010 trip.
Brandenberg Gate, Berlin Festival of Lights, Germany

We were in luck this week that our visit to Berlin coincided with the city’s annual Festival of Lights. Now in its sixth year, the Festival features colorful light shows on more than 60 landmarks, hotels and other buildings during a two-week period in October. The festival seemed popular with tourists and locals alike. On […]


The hatted Ampelmann (Ampelmaennchen), who has guided pedestrians across East Berlin crosswalks since the early 1960s, is now a symbol of East German ostalgie, or nostalgia.
Ampelmann, Berlin, Germany

Walking around Berlin, few blatant signs remain as reminders of the German capitol’s divided past. One that does: the beloved Ampelmaennchen, the hatted characters that appear as pedestrian guides on Berlin’s traffic lights. Also known as Ampelmann, the characters were introduced in East Berlin 1961 as visual cues to help pedestrians make better traffic decisions. […]