My expectations were nil. But in Lima, Peru, I found enough history, charm and chic cuisine that I’d love to go back. Call it the best surprise of 2011.
Cathedral of Lima, Cercado de Lima, Lima, Peru

One of my favorite “best of” categories, the Biggest Surprise award goes to the destination that surpassed expectations or defied preconceived notions. And in 2011, Lima, Peru certainly fit the bill. As I noted in one of my posts from the trip, everything I read in mainstream guidebooks about Lima made it sound like a place you […]


Lima Layover: Is Lima Safe?

by Chris on January 18, 2011

I loved Lima, but couldn’t help noticing all the armed guards and police around the city. Some thoughts on how to be safe in Lima.
Military parade in Lima

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I found myself surprised by Lima. At least in the areas where we were (the historic center, San Isidro, and Miraflores), the city seemed clean and safe, and I would happily go back to explore more of the city. But that doesn’t mean that travelers to this sprawling […]


Known for its ceviche, Lima has become the center of a new gastronomic scene. We check out La Mar.
El Parque del Amor, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

After spending a long morning touring the Lima’s colonial center, we moved on to Miraflores – the city’s wealthy suburb on the Pacific Ocean – for lunch. I knew I wanted ceviche, Lima’s premier dish. But first, Roberto took us to El Parque del Amour (Love Park), dominated by El Beso. The statue, by Victor Delfin, […]


Pictures from the Museo Larco’s collection of erotic pottery in Lima, Peru. Warning: Not Safe for Work
Erotic Pre-Columbian art, Museo Larco, Pueblo Libre, Lima, Peru

The Museo Larco in Lima has one of the most noted collections of pre-Columbian erotic pottery  in the world. Some of the pieces are so detailed that you can’t help but realize that there is truly nothing new under the sun. Don’t scroll down if you’re at work, as the pottery is pretty graphic.  The erotic pieces are […]


Lima Layover: Cercado de Lima

by Chris on January 16, 2011

Things to do in Lima, Peru: Cercado de Lima. Lima’s historic center, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Cerado de Lima

Everything I read in mainstream guidebooks about Lima, Peru’s capital city, made it sound like a place you should leave as soon as possible. Dirty, unsafe, chaotic, polluted. Definitely not a city to linger. Which is why I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed my 18 hour layover in the city last week. Maybe […]


Do toilets in the Southern Hemisphere really drain differently than toilets in the Northern Hemisphere? Don and I test out the Coriolis effect on a toilet
coriolis effect

File this under juvenile. When I called my husband from Peru on my first trip to South America, he asked me a question that I had often wondered about but never witnessed firsthand. Do the toilets in the Southern Hemisphere really flush the opposite way from the Northern Hemisphere? I was willing to give it […]