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Napa Valley Weekend: JoLe, Calistoga

by Chris on June 15, 2011

Tasting menu at JoLe in Calistoga, run by chefs Matt and Sonjia Spector (formerly of Matyson in Philadelphia).
JoLe Calistoga

Where: JoLe: Farm to Table, Calistoga in Napa Valley Why we went: Napa Valley may be Michelin-star central, but JoLe caught our eye because its chef owners – Matt and Sonjia Spector – ran the insanely popular Matyson Restaurant back in Philadelphia. Since the husband-wife team moved to Calistoga, they’ve racked up accolades in their new […]


An in-town tasting room or visit to a vineyard – which is the better way to experience a wine tasting in Napa Valley? We explore both.
Wine tasting, Napa Valley

Used to be, visiting wineries in Napa Valley required some planning. You’d scout out the wineries you wanted to visit, made appointments when possible, and then made sure that someone in your group stayed sober enough to drive you between the different vineyards. So I was surprised (and yet intrigued) when I saw all the […]


Nobu Sushi on the Crystal Symphony

by Chris on April 19, 2011

Delectable sushi, sashimi and other Nobu specialties at Silk Road, Matshuhisa’s restaurant on the Crystal Symphony cruise ship.
Nobu sushi on the Crystal Symphony

Even during the times in my life when I didn’t have much money, I made sacrifices for good food. I remember crashing on a friend’s couch outside NYC during a Restaurant Week when I was in graduate school, solely so I could come into the city and eat a fixed price lunch at Nobu. The […]


More notes on New Orleans cuisine, this time reporting from Boucherie and Jacques Imo’s in the Carrollton neighborhood
New Orleans Cuisine (Jockamos) Jacques-Imo

Jambalaya, crawfish pie, file gumbo….I think we ate them all. Besides my cocktail-fueled costume lunch at Commander’s Palace and luxe Saturday night dinner at Stella! in the French Quarter, our forays into New Orleans cuisine kept on going, with two visits into the Carrollton neighborhood.   Jacques-Imo’s is one of my favorite New Orleans restaurants; I […]


Dinner at Stella!, one of New Orleans’ best-rated restaurants, with food by Chef Scott Boswell
Stella New Orleans

Every time I visit New Orleans, I visit old favorites – and then try something new. This trip, I finally made it to Restaurant Stella!, the French Quarter restaurant by Chef Scott Boswell. Stella opened right before I left in 2001, and I never got to try it. I have to admit that the exclamation […]


Chilean Cuisine, Pescetarian style

by Chris on February 26, 2011

Chilean cuisine: A look at popular foods in Chile, a haven for pescetarians.
Chilean cuisine

By Michael K. Lavers, Contributing Writer I became a pescetarian nearly a year ago because I wanted to adopt a healthy diet that facilitated my weight loss. Traveling overseas can certainly prove challenging to anyone with dietary restrictions, but Chile’s nearly 4,000 miles of coastline provided an abundance of fresh seafood and shellfish that kept […]


Best food find on our #VisitLanai trip: Hawaiian poke, fish from the Lanai Ohana Poke Market.
Hawaiian poke, poke fish, Lana

When I set off for my week as a New Media Artist in Residence on the Hawaiian island of Lana’i, one food goal superceded all others: eat as much Hawaiian poke – fish salad prepared with raw seafood and marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, seaweed and other condiments   – as possible. Our feasting started the […]


Wondering what to do in Ojai? Eat, of course! A look at some of the restaurants, wines and specialties of the area.
ojai farmers market, Ojai, California

By Andy Hayes, contributing writer You’re likely familiar with Los Angeles’s big league food and drink scene – some of America’s most famous restaurants are here, not to mention see-and-be-seen bars and celebrity haunts.  But if you’re a foodie looking for the latest trends in California cuisine – locally sourced ingredients, emphasis on organic and […]

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The best meal of my 2010 travels? The tasting menu at Guy Savoy, the chef’s Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris.
travels, Guy Savoy, Michelin restaurant, black truffle artichoke soup with truffle butter brioche

As far as gastronomy goes, I’m not sure I’ll ever top the sumptuous multi-course tasting meal I experienced in March at Guy Savoy, the celebrated chef’s three-star Michelin restaurant in Paris. Sponsored by the journey planner ViaMichelin, the dinner brought together several well-known travel writers, including Peter Greenberg, travel editor of CBS News, and NPR […]


Are you a Thanksgiving orphan? How sometimes the best Thanksgiving Day celebrations can take place with friends who become your family.
Thanksgiving orphans, when you can

Updated Thanksgiving 2011: We’re orphans again this year, happily. We’ll be spending the day on the Olympic Peninsula with one of my old friends and her husband, who I have yet to meet. I’m excited to see her again, as she’s one of my New Orleans bunch, a group of friends that I’ve felt particularly […]