Stranded by Sandy – or another winter storm? Here are some tips with how to rebook your flight when weather forces airline cancellations.
Hurricane Sandy path

A fabulous weekend getaway to Napa could have turned sour when Hurricane Sandy forced most of our party’s outgoing flights back to the East Coast to be canceled. Nothing is a bigger buzzkill than airline problems. But the Philly women on the trip – my sister and several of her friends who work for Fortune […]

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A tour of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, courtesy of LAN Airlines, has now taken possession of its first plane.
LAN Dreamliner at Boeing

For aviation and travel geeks alike, one of the biggest travel stories over the past year has been the roll out of Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The plane has been celebrated for its environmental advancements and innovative design. Boeing says that the 787 uses up to 20% less CO2 than similar aircraft, and has […]


Riding the subway might not be a normal tourist activity. But in the St. Petersburg Metro, where stations such as Kirovsky Zavod and Avtovo boast original examples of Stalinist-era art and architecture, you wouldn’t want to miss it.
Avtovo, St. Petersburg Metro, Russia

This is second in my series on things to do in St. Petersburg, Russia. One of the most interesting things I saw in my few brief days in Russia were the elaborate St. Petersburg Metro stations, decked out with marble, chandeliers and Soviet-era art. Plans for an underground had been in place in the Soviet Union […]


It took me 15 hours flying time to get to Easter Island. But that’s better than before, thanks to new Lan flights to Easter Island from Lima.
Moai on Easter Island, Rapa Nui

It took me 15 hours flying time to get to Easter Island. But that’s better than before, thanks to new Lan flights to Easter Island from Lima.


Lots of questions and leave your carry on with us, please: my experience with El Al airlines’ security, en route to Israel.

I’m in Israel this week as a guest of the Israel Ministry of Tourism. We have an action-packed itinerary that takes us through Haifa, Rosh Pina, Tel Aviv, Masada and the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. I had to get here first, of course. And, true to their reputation as the most security-conscious airline out there, […]


6 Tips for Surviving LIAT Airlines

by Chris on January 10, 2010

Tips for surviving a trip on the unreliable LIAT Airlines

For those unfamiliar with LIAT Airlines, the Caribbean carrier has a less-than-stellar reputation. Nicknames for its incompetence are legion – Leave Island Anytime, Luggage In Another Town, Lost In between Antigua and Trinidad. Yet the flight prices are cheap and the destinations – LIAT has hubs in Antigua and Barbados, and flies to almost all of the Caribbean’s smaller islands – […]


On hold with US Airways

by Chris on December 27, 2009

We were on hold with US Airways for more than 2 hours because of flooding at Washington Reagan airport.
Waiting for US Airways

My husband, falling asleep with the phone while on hold with US Airways. His noon flight into DCA was canceled because Terminal C at the airport was flooded, due to a burst pipe. Total time on hold: 2 hours, 10 minutes. Still, others may have endured longer – when we called on a second phone, the time […]


How many flights would you endure to get to your destination? Grenada’s abyssmal airlift.
Grenada - great beaches but hard to get to

My final USA Today story, on my trip to Grenada last month,  is out today. Read it here, or you can also buy it at your local newstand (doesn’t that sound quaint these days?)  You can also read my chattier trip report on the island here and my visit to a rum distillery here. I really […]


Road-tested: The (Chinatown) Bus

by Chris on October 3, 2009

A test trip on the Chinatown bus between Washington DC and Philadelphia
Eastern bus

If you live in a major East Coast city and like to travel, it’s easy to be intrigued by all of the inexpensive bus lines that service the I-95 corridor. The trend started with the so-called “Chinatown” buses which run between Asian neighborhoods in New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. While fares were cheap, those lines […]


Seven hour layover

by Chris on September 13, 2009

Seven hour layover

I’ve been lucky with most of my flights this year. There have been no horrendous delays, no lost luggage, no sitting on a tarmac. Air karma was on my side. Until today. An innocuous alert from Delta last week announced that there were “schedule changes.” Careful reading showed that our flight back from Arizona no longer […]