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Layover Diversions: The Pan Am TV series

by Chris on October 23, 2011

It may be silly but I’m loving the Pan Am TV series. And I really want one of those big blue duffels.

I’ve been home for 10 days and, among other things, have spent some time catching up with the fall TV season. And my fave new show, by far, is the retro Pan Am It’s not exactly high drama or great acting. It’s not as well plotted as The Good Wife nor as well written as […]


Book giveaway: 100 Greatest Trips by Travel + Leisure.
100 Greatest Trips Giveaway

The dark days of a February winter are the perfect time to start planning your big 2011 trip. And for inspiration, you can’t do better than the 100 Greatest Trips coffee table book just put out by Travel + Leisure. The 288-page book features photos from some of the best travel photographers out there and […]

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Do you still carry a guidebook when you travel? Increasingly, I’m relying on destination smartphone apps for on-the-ground guidance.
Philly Essential Guide iPhone app

My trip planning routine has changed in the past few years. I’ve always done the bulk of my research online ahead of time, then bought a country or city-specific guidebook to carry with me on the ground. But now I find that I’m often skipping the bulky Lonely Planet or Moon Guide in favor of […]


2011 Calendar of Travel Photos – Free!

by Chris on January 1, 2011

Free for readers: our downloadable free 2011 calendar with photos taken from our trips.
2011 calendar

Got your calendar for 2011 yet No? (Hey, it takes me weeks before I can remember to change the year on checks). Why not jump-start your 2011 travel dreams with a free  2011 calendar of photos taken from my travels around the world? The free 2011 calendar is part of a change that you’ll see […]


Looking for a portable speaker system so you can blast music on your next trip? We test the Franklin Roadie Amp’d Portable Speaker System.
Franklin Roadie portable speaker system

By Don Faust, Contributing Writer I’m a sucker for gadgets.  So when the  Franklin Explorer Roadie portable speaker system arrived at our house, I begged to try it. I unpacked the system to find what appeared to be a solid speaker with a nice brushed-silver finish and simple, well thought-out controls.  But you never know. […]


The latest version of my Philadelphia iPhone app is now available on iPad – and it’s still only $2.99. What are you waiting for? #whyIlovePhilly
Philly Essential Guide, iPhone apps, iPad apps, Philadelphia guidebook, Chris Gray Faust, Sutro Media

Just in case you’re getting some new electronic gear for the holidays – My Philadelphia  iPhone app is now available on the iPad! The updated version includes a full section dedicated to Philly sports, because we all know how manic the City of Brotherly Love gets about its teams.You’ll find info about the Eagles, the […]


Product Review: FUTURO compression socks

by Chris on October 20, 2010

A review of Futuro compression stockings, used on long haul flights to prevent blood clots and deep vein thrombosis.
Futuro compression socks

As I’ve blogged before, I suffered from a blood clot caused by deep vein thrombosis back in 1999. Because of that, I almost always wear compression stockings – which increase and supplement blood circulation in your legs – on long-haul airplane trips (for more tips, read my post on how to prevent blood clots while […]


Thoughts on Elizabeth’s Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love: Is travel really a courageous act when your natural defense mechanism seems to be running away?
Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts, Italy

I finally saw Eat Pray Love, the travel it-movie of the year based on the best-selling memoir from Elizabeth Gilbert, last weekend. For the few people out there who aren’t familiar with the plot, Gilbert spends a year recovering from a failed marriage and relationship by eating pasta in Italy, meditating at an ashram in […]


Let’s see how long it takes Delta to fix our bag that they broke on Monday. Countdown starts today….

Our flight back to Philly from Seattle on Monday ran into a few “issues” that make traveling these days so annoying, with the worst being the zipper ripped off one of our favorite bags. On the outside, the taupe Dakota suiter doesn’t look like much. It’s old and bulky and isn’t exactly the most stylish […]


New product: Fotobabble, for talking photos

by Chris on February 24, 2010

Released today, Fotobabble is a free web site/iPhone app that allows you to record sound to your photos, then easily share them with others.

  This morning, I’ve been testing a new website/iPhone app that adds a new dimension to sharing travel photos. Fotobabble, currently FREE at iTunes and on the web, allows you to record sound to go with your pictures. I’ve recorded a few samples here, just for fun (so ignore the not-so-professional commentary). What I like […]