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Stranded by Sandy – or another winter storm? Here are some tips with how to rebook your flight when weather forces airline cancellations.
Hurricane Sandy path

A fabulous weekend getaway to Napa could have turned sour when Hurricane Sandy forced most of our party’s outgoing flights back to the East Coast to be canceled. Nothing is a bigger buzzkill than airline problems. But the Philly women on the trip – my sister and several of her friends who work for Fortune […]

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What type of travel policy is best for your trip? A breakdown of things to consider, depending on what kind of vacation you’re taking.
Planes at JFK

I recently researched a piece for about what type of travel policy you would consider for various trips. This is an abridged version. Remember, before you buy any policy, check to see if you’re already covered through your credit card or through your homeowners or renters insurance policy.   Visiting family: Comprehensive travel insurance policies […]


Tips for booking a spring break vacation in the Caribbean for March 2012

Q: I’m looking to plan out a 5/6 night Caribbean March break for my family (wife, two kids, 19 & 22) during spring break 2012. We’re looking for a rest — w/swimming, snorkeling, boating, etc. And we’re on your basic kids-in-college budget. We’re open to going to a variety of locations, just don’t have much […]

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My 2012 Travel Resolutions

by Chris on January 3, 2012

Lessons learned: My travel resolutions for 2012, based on things I didn’t do the year before.
Resolutions 2011

Rigid New Year’s resolutions have a limited place in travel, where patience, understanding and flexibility are the building blocks to a successful trip. Most of the meltdowns I observed on the road in 2011 came when people refused to accept that plans had changed or didn’t do enough research about where they were going. That […]


Looking for the perfect box of chocolates? Sweets expert Kerrin Rousset of Sweet Zurich gives her tips on what to look for when buying chocolate.
Whimsical box of decorated chocolates, Switzerland

It’s the time of the year where I start ordering gift baskets or a box of chocolates for certain far-flung relatives. Before my trip to Switzerland earlier this fall, I would have flipped through a Harry & David catalog, ordering whatever bonbons looked the tastiest. Now, though, my chocolate knowledge has been raised, thanks to […]


Wondering how you’re going to handle TSA airport security during the holidays? A regulation refresher of what you can and can’t bring.
TSA Airport Security

This post previously appeared on “TSA bans holiday cheer,” read a tweet issued from a Transportation Security Administration ( spoof account at the beginning of December. And that’s not so hard to believe, as passengers struggle to endure the busy travel season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. What maddens people most? Long lines at security checkpoints […]

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Dreaming of St. Petersburg? Tips for navigating the lengthy Russian tourist visa application.
Church on the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg

This article previously ran on It’s inspired by the application process that I went through for my September trip to St. Petersburg. Because we were traveling independently – yet still as a group – we had to get Russian visas. Several in our group found the process took so long that they weren’t able […]


Looking for help sharing your vacation photos on Facebook? A few tips that will have you using Facebook like a pro.

This post previously appeared on Pre-Internet, few invitations were more tedious than ones soliciting you to look at vacation photos. Now Facebook allows you to view your friends’ trip pictures from a safe distance, without having to pretend that you’re interested. Sharing photos on Facebook still comes with social mores, however. Just because you have the […]

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How to Use Social Media to Share Vacation Photos

by Don Faust on November 9, 2011

Want to share your travel photos using social media. Some tips to help you get started.

No one enjoys flipping through hundreds of disorganized vacation photos. Follow these tips to organize your best photos and learn how to share travel photos effectively with friends and family. This post previously appeared on Everyone gets a little snap-happy on vacation, some people more than others. On our recent Alaska Inside Passage cruise […]


Intrigued by Airbnb or HomeAway? Some tips on how to rent out your house safely.
Tips for renting your house safely

Note: Techcrunch came out with a story yesterday about a blogger who reported that her house was ransacked when an Airbnb client stayed at her house. Weeks ago, Frommer’s had asked me to write this home rental safety column in response to the original post. The victim, known only as EJ on her blog, never […]