Stranded by Sandy – or another winter storm? Here are some tips with how to rebook your flight when weather forces airline cancellations.
Hurricane Sandy path

A fabulous weekend getaway to Napa could have turned sour when Hurricane Sandy forced most of our party’s outgoing flights back to the East Coast to be canceled. Nothing is a bigger buzzkill than airline problems. But the Philly women on the trip – my sister and several of her friends who work for Fortune […]

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2011 in Review: Worst Experience

by Chris on December 29, 2011

My worst experience of 2011 came on my longest flight of the year, unfortunately, when I was wedged next to an overweight passenger for almost 13 hours.

I’ve been handing out a lot of superlatives in the last week or so, so now it’s time to reflect on what didn’t go so well on my 2011 travels. I’m happy to report that there were only a few contenders for the Worst Experience title; unlike 2010, where I seemed to be a germ […]


Layover Diversions: The Pan Am TV series

by Chris on October 23, 2011

It may be silly but I’m loving the Pan Am TV series. And I really want one of those big blue duffels.

I’ve been home for 10 days and, among other things, have spent some time catching up with the fall TV season. And my fave new show, by far, is the retro Pan Am It’s not exactly high drama or great acting. It’s not as well plotted as The Good Wife nor as well written as […]


It took me 15 hours flying time to get to Easter Island. But that’s better than before, thanks to new Lan flights to Easter Island from Lima.
Moai on Easter Island, Rapa Nui

It took me 15 hours flying time to get to Easter Island. But that’s better than before, thanks to new Lan flights to Easter Island from Lima.


Stuck in the NYC blizzard? Some tips for rebooking when snow disrupts your travel.
Blizzard, NYC

Watching the blizzards overcome the East Coast this holiday season reminds me of last year’s winter, when my husband spent more than 2 hours on the phone with US Air trying to rebook his flight from Florida back to Washington DC after snow ruined his travel. So I feel for reader Dan, who wrote: “Blizzard […]


Lots of questions and leave your carry on with us, please: my experience with El Al airlines’ security, en route to Israel.

I’m in Israel this week as a guest of the Israel Ministry of Tourism. We have an action-packed itinerary that takes us through Haifa, Rosh Pina, Tel Aviv, Masada and the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. I had to get here first, of course. And, true to their reputation as the most security-conscious airline out there, […]


The Senate is considering legislation to ban carry on baggage fees such as those announced by Spirit Airlines last week. In defense, Spirit CEO stuffs himself into overhead bin. Is this what flying has come to?

Seems like Spirit Air may have gone too far with their proposed fees for carry-on bags. The New York Times has posted a Reuters report this morning that the Senate has introduced legislation banning airlines from implementing such fees. Free-market fans aren’t going to like this. But the bill’s sponsors say that “carry-ons often contain […]

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Spirit Airlines announced this week that it will charge carry on baggage fees, as well as continuing fees for checked luggage. Isn’t it time customers said enough?

Next week, I’ll be flying Spirit Air for the first – and last – time. I bought my ticket on the Florida-based airline out of desperation a few weeks ago when I needed a flight to St. Thomas. Even though Spirit generally offers itself as a lower-priced alternative, my Caribbean tickets were neither cheap (about […]


Let’s see how long it takes Delta to fix our bag that they broke on Monday. Countdown starts today….

Our flight back to Philly from Seattle on Monday ran into a few “issues” that make traveling these days so annoying, with the worst being the zipper ripped off one of our favorite bags. On the outside, the taupe Dakota suiter doesn’t look like much. It’s old and bulky and isn’t exactly the most stylish […]


Should pets be banned from the main cabin of airplanes? A group of Canadian doctors say yes, because 1 in 10 people suffer from allergies.
pets on a plane

Traveling with pets has become big business. More and more, you see hotels rolling out the red carpet for dogs, cats and other pets¬†with special packages and welcoming treats. And I can’t seem to board a plane these days without seeing someone carrying a small animal in a case with them. But a group of […]