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Wondering how you’re going to handle TSA airport security during the holidays? A regulation refresher of what you can and can’t bring.
TSA Airport Security

This post previously appeared on “TSA bans holiday cheer,” read a tweet issued from a¬†Transportation Security Administration¬†( spoof account at the beginning of December. And that’s not so hard to believe, as passengers struggle to endure the busy travel season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. What maddens people most? Long lines at security checkpoints […]

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Is a Trusted Traveler program, endorsed by the U.S. Travel Association, the security solution for the TSA?
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Last night marked the first time that I had flown since the TSA instituted the X-ray scanners and enhanced pat-downs. As I drove to the airport, I worried about my choices. Among my many concerns, I think the scanners violate privacy – yet who wants to be subject to a patdown that feels more like […]


The TSA formed after 9/11 to shield the skies from terrorists. Now, it seems, someone needs to protect us from the TSA. Why I’m glad I’m not flying this week.
TSA body scanners fail

I am so glad I am not flying this week. And that’s not just because of the typical Thanksgiving airport traffic that gives these particular seven days the nickname “amateur week.” No, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with airport security and the Epic Fail of the TSA’s new body scanners and “enhanced” patdown […]


Could artificial dog noses improve airport security? Research is going on now in Pentagon-funded projects, but it’s not an easy task.
The nose that knows: can scientists replicate it to help airport security?

I had lunch with Charlie Leocha of the Consumer Travel Alliance yesterday. If you haven’t read his blog lately, you should check it out – he’s doing real investigative journalism, combined with advocacy, in the travel regulation field. With all of the cutbacks at mainstream news organizations, Charlie was one of the few journalists at […]