A look at Vidin, Bulgaria, a town full of Communist art and communist architecture.
Monument of the Resistance, Vidin, Bulgaria

At first glance, the countries of Eastern Europe that lie along the Lower Danube might seem like an unusual choice for a vacation. But while the line that Don and I traveled on wasn’t exactly age appropriate, we ended up having a great time and learning quite a bit. I’ll be doing a series of […]


Tight and bright, with sky-high heels and as much glamour as you can handle. That’s Miami style in a nutshell. A look at the fashion, design and people-watching I saw at Art Basel South Beach.
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The nail salon technician looked at the bottoms of my feet in disgust. “These are so dry,” she said, wrinkling her nose. “They need some work.” I winced, but I knew she was right. Since moving to chilly Seattle last June, I had changed my grooming habits – and not for the better. Flaky, unpolished […]


Need a reason to add Tel Aviv to your Israel itinerary? Try the world’s largest collection of Bauhaus architecture, plus historic Jaffa, Israel and some of country’s best shopping and nightlife.
Bauhaus building, Tel Aviv, Israel

Bauhaus architecture has never earned the respect of, say, Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Craftsman style buildings, at least among the general public. But the Bauhaus school, based in Germany between 1919 and 1933, laid the foundation for most Modernist design.  Noted practitioners included Swiss painter Paul Klee, Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky and school head […]

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