Wine Country travel: Checking out the art in Napa Valley, in preparation for the Arts in April program.
Hess Collection, Napa Valley

This post continues my ongoing coverage of wine country travel. I’ve written about Napa in the past, but while I’ve enjoyed visiting  the area’s wineries, spas and luxury bed and breakfasts, I never experienced the incredible art collections that you can find in the valley until this year. This month, the Napa Valley Arts in […]


Tops on my art bucket list: Visiting the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg, home not only to a multitude of masterworks, but the incredibly elaborate Winter Palace where Catherine the Great once lived.
The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg Russia

This is the third in my series on things to do in St. Petersburg, Russia. As I said in my post on visiting St. Petersburg, a trip to the Hermitage Museum – the second largest in the world, after the Louvre in Paris – has long been on my bucket list. And I’m happy to report […]


Riding the subway might not be a normal tourist activity. But in the St. Petersburg Metro, where stations such as Kirovsky Zavod and Avtovo boast original examples of Stalinist-era art and architecture, you wouldn’t want to miss it.
Avtovo, St. Petersburg Metro, Russia

This is second in my series on things to do in St. Petersburg, Russia. One of the most interesting things I saw in my few brief days in Russia were the elaborate St. Petersburg Metro stations, decked out with marble, chandeliers and Soviet-era art. Plans for an underground had been in place in the Soviet Union […]


My North Carolina Girlfriend Getaway continues with a look at things to do in Charlotte, including museums in Uptown Charlotte, a meal at the newest restaurant from Emeril Lagasse and a Charlotte guest house.
Things to do in Charlotte

This is the second in my series about my girlfriend getaway to North Carolina. The main focus of our girlfriend getaway was Asheville and the Biltmore, but the timing of our flights from Seattle and Minneapolis meant that we needed to spend some time in Charlotte. A Charlotte Guest House Luckily, we were booked into […]


Ask Chris: Recommendations for Art Travel?

by Chris on January 25, 2012

A reader who loves art asks for advice for some budget places to travel.
Shepard Fairey mural at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, Art Basel, Miami, Florid

Question: I rarely get a chance to travel and I am considering a trip in February, the 20-26. I am not really bent on going any place in particular, but I really want an experience where I will be comfortable and occupied while travelling solo. I am a painter and printmaker and had thought an […]


Japan in Jan: The Art of Paper Cutting

by Chris on January 18, 2012

The gorgeous art of paper cutting in Japan, as revealed by a young female artist in Shuzenji.
Example of paper cutting, Japan

I’m bad at crafts. As in famously bad. And it turns out I’m particularly bad at traditional Japanese arts that require full attention to detail, such as paper cutting. On my 12-day trip to Japan, our group made several attempts at traditional craftwork. At Hoshinoya Kyoto, we put together small incense bowls. Our teacher was […]


Finnish design: It’s a way of life in Helsinki, where the architecture and shops reflect the country’s innate quirkiness.
Finnish design, Helsinki

What surprised me the most about my visit to Finland is that Finnish design is not just something that you see in the shops of Helsinki. It’s a way of life, and one that reflects their history and innate quirkiness. When babies are born, the Finnish government gives the family a box full of goodies, […]


Visiting La Alboroza, home of Mendoza artist Sergio Roggerone, during the Park Hyatt Masters of Food & Wine Festival
La Alboroza, home of artist Sergio Roggerone, Mendoza

One of the more glamorous events of the Park Hyatt Masters of Food & Wine festival that I attended  last month in Mendoza was a decadent brunch at La Alboroza, the luxurious home of artist Sergio Roggerone. Sergio Roggerone greeted our group as we entered the front gate of his hacienda. Definitely not a struggling […]


Photo Friday: Art bus at the Bread & Puppet Theater, known for its demonstration art and political puppetry, in Glover, VT
Bread & Puppet Theater Bus

Today’s Photo Friday brings us to Glover, Vermont, home of the famed Bread & Puppet Theater, known for its political puppetry and demonstration art.  Pictured is an art shop on the grounds of the rural theater and museum, a creatively painted converted bus where you buy pieces based on the honor system.  Founded in the 1960s […]


An afternoon of checking out French Quarter artists, including Barbara Yochum and Tanner.
French Quarter artists

A bout of bad weather on our recent New Orleans trip meant that I had the chance to skip parades and focus on another aspect of the city I love: shopping! Normally, I do most of my New Orleans shopping in the cute shops along Magazine Street. But my sister and I were within walking […]