Aspen’s Jerome IS a Haunted Hotel

by Chris on August 30, 2011

A reader has a ghostly encounter at Hotel Jerome in Aspen, proof (to me, at least), that the place was haunted.
Jerome haunted hotel

More than a year ago, I stayed at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen – and had an experience that convinced me that it was haunted. No one believed me. But then I received an email from John Devlin, a reader from Fort Collins, Colo., who found my post through Google. Here’s his story below: “I […]


More on the relationship between public relations professionals and bloggers, based on my time spent at the PRSA Travel & Tourism conference in Aspen last week.

I spoke at PRSA Travel & Tourism conference in Aspen last week, as part of a panel entitled “Reaching Key Influencers Where They Live (Online).” I felt lucky to be included in that definition. Of those of us on the panel, which included Kara S. Williams of The Vacation Gals, Johnny Jet and Rich Beattie […]


A photo tour of Aspen celebrity homes, including those owned by Kevin Costner, Donald Trump, several technology moguls and Jack Nicholson.
Celebrity homes, Aspen

I’m the type of person who reads US magazine every week (along with the New Yorker). So I couldn’t resist the Aspen’s Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous tour, offered by Five Star Adventures. Costing $89 for two hours, the tour picked us up at Hotel Jerome in a blue minivan. The group included my […]


Great Aspen shopping: Harmony Scott Jewelry, a boutique in Aspen specializing in unique – and well-priced – pieces.
Harmony Scott Jewelry, Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is not for shoppers on a budget: High-end stores such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Prada are the norm rather than the exception on the ski town’s main streets. So imagine my surprise when I found Harmony Scott, an independent jewelry shop where the prices were as appealing as the pieces themselves. The shop […]

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Do you believe in ghosts? My supposed paranormal experience at Hotel Jerome, a haunted hotel in Aspen, Colorado.
Lobby of the Hotel Jerome, Aspen

Have you ever stayed at a haunted hotel before? After a night at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, I can consider myself in that number. I moved into the Hotel Jerome – Aspen’s most historic hotel, dating back more than 120 years – after two nights at the Aspen St. Regis, where I stayed courtesy […]


Going more than 8,000 feet above sea level? 9 tips for preventing elevation sickness, based on what I learned on my trip to Aspen.
High altitude sickness, Aspen, oxygen tank, St. Regis hotel

I’m no stranger to health problems on the road. I’ve suffered a blood clot in Florida, a gallstone attack in Thailand and pink eye in Costa Rica. That’s why I tote a virtual drug store with me when I travel, including Cipro, sleeping pills, Neosporin, Visine, Tums, Claritin, Imodium, insect repellent with DEET, several types […]