Dinner in the Dark, in Berlin

by Natalie on June 18, 2012

Have you ever considered dining in the dark? Guest writer Natalie Pompilio checks out Unsicht, a blind dining experience, in Berlin.
Unsicht Bar in Berlin

By Natalie Pompilio, contributing writer Most people like to see what they’re eating, especially in today’s world of fantastical plate presentation. But that’s not an option at Berlin’s Unsicht-Bar, where diners sit in complete darkness, are served by blind or visually impaired wait staff, and the three or four course meal being presented is largely […]


This week’s travel photo: A chocolate sculpture from the famous German chocolate shop, Fassbender & Rausch, in Berlin.
German chocolate sculpture

This is the latest of our weekly travel photo series, inspired by #FriFotos on Twitter. This week’s #FriFotos theme is CHOCOLATE. Don shot this chocolate sculpture of the Brandenburg Gate when we were in Berlin in 2010. We were walking down the Charlottestrasse near our hotel, the Sofitel, when we came across chocolate nirvana. Fassbender […]


Berlin: Third Reich sites

by Chris on December 1, 2010

A Berlin Nazi tour of places associated with the Third Reich and Hitler in Berlin, including the site of Hitler’s bunker, Nazi architecture on Wilhelmstrasse and Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum
Brandenberg Gate, Third Reich tour, Berlin, Germany

Here’s the thing: As much as I enjoyed our recent trip to Berlin, I’m not sure I’d rank it as a top romantic destination. There’s just too much depressing recent history. Sure, we could have concentrated on the city’s modern art and design scene, opting to spend our time at the city’s clubs and restaurants. […]


Berlin has two museums that focus on the Berlin Wall (die Mauern): The Topography of Terror and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. We visit both and review.
Topography of Terror, Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany

After viewing the colorful murals of the Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery, we tackled the task of visiting two of the city’s museums dedicated to die Mauern: The Topography of Terror and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. The Topography of Terror consists of two parts. The open air portion of information panels, interviews and photos stretches […]


How much will you pay for hotel luxury? For me, the price limit is around $250 per night. Luckily, we found Berlin up for the challenge with several properties that offered quality with affordability.
View from Sofitel Berlin Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany

I am a hotel whore. No, not that kind of hotel whore. But in my years on the road, I’ve noticed that there are two types of travelers. Some people don’t care where they lay their heads, preferring to spend all of their time and money on activities, food and souvenirs. And others want to […]

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Berlin’s don’t-miss historic site has to be the East Side Gallery, a series of murals and graffiti painted on a remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall.
East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany

It’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed since the Berlin Wall, which divided East and West Germany during the Cold War, has fallen. Which means that there’s a whole generation out there that doesn’t remember the city split into two by the dreaded Mauern, or the Wall. But the Wall is so integral […]


Berlin Festival of Lights

by Chris on October 17, 2010

Planning a fall visit to Berlin? You might want to check out the city’s Festival of Lights. Here’s some photos from our 2010 trip.
Brandenberg Gate, Berlin Festival of Lights, Germany

We were in luck this week that our visit to Berlin coincided with the city’s annual Festival of Lights. Now in its sixth year, the Festival features colorful light shows on more than 60 landmarks, hotels and other buildings during a two-week period in October. The festival seemed popular with tourists and locals alike. On […]


The hatted Ampelmann (Ampelmaennchen), who has guided pedestrians across East Berlin crosswalks since the early 1960s, is now a symbol of East German ostalgie, or nostalgia.
Ampelmann, Berlin, Germany

Walking around Berlin, few blatant signs remain as reminders of the German capitol’s divided past. One that does: the beloved Ampelmaennchen, the hatted characters that appear as pedestrian guides on Berlin’s traffic lights. Also known as Ampelmann, the characters were introduced in East Berlin 1961 as visual cues to help pedestrians make better traffic decisions. […]