Japan in Jan: Maneki Neko, the Lucky Cat

by Chris on January 30, 2012

Why do Japanese love cats so much? A look at Maneki Neko, the official name for the lucky cat statues that you see throughout the country.
Hello Kitty, Japan

I knew that Hello Kitty came from Japan, but I never realized how cat-mad the Japanese were until I saw images of Maneki Neko – the lucky Beckoning Cat – all over the country. Once you notice one Maneki Neko, the white or gold cat statues that you’ll find in store fronts and restaurants, you’ll […]


My futile search for Bastet, the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, among the ruins.
Cats at the Edfu Temple, Egypt

As a lifelong cat lover, I always had a thing for Bastet, the ancient Egyptian cat goddess depicted in art and sculpture. The Egyptian love of the cat looms large in popular culture; it’s the ultimate sign of approval that cats are more regal than their doggy counterparts. So imagine my surprise when I discovered […]


Cool cats in Key West

by Chris on August 19, 2009

Cool cats in Key West

We visited Key West last December on a short trip, mostly to see the Hemingway cats. While it wasn’t our favorite destination, we did like the architecture and laid-back atmosphere. Read the complete trip here.