This week’s Photo Friday: In honor of our fifth-year wedding anniversary, a shot from the Captiva Island beach where we were married.
Beach chairs on Captiva Island, Florida

This is the latest in a series of travel photos inspired by #FriFotos on Twitter. The theme of this week’s Photo Friday is CHAIRS. As regular readers might know, Florida’s Gulf Coast is one of my favorite places to relax and recharge. The chairs in the photo above are on the beach in front of the ‘Tween […]


Photo Friday: Sanibel Island Beach Dogs

by Don Faust on January 6, 2012

A morning stroll on Sanibel Island with the beach dogs.
Sanibel Island Beach Dogs

This week’s Photo Friday (#FriFotos) theme is DOGS.  Pictured are two beach dogs and their walkers on an early morning stroll on Sanibel Island, FL. Caption: “Forgot that little dog!  We came here to walk, remember?”  


Shelling Sanibel: The Sanibel Stoop

by Chris on January 5, 2012

Sanibel Island has long been known for shelling. In honor of the Sanibel Shell Fair and Show’s 75th anniversary, the island will attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records with its “Sanibel Stoop.”
Shelling Sanibel Stoop

Every professional travel writer, it seems, has a happy place, a destination where they return not so much to gather new material, but to unwind and relax. For me, that place is Sanibel Island, Florida.  My parents started taking us to Sanibel when I was a teenager. Eventually, they bought a condo there and now […]


Florida’s Harry Potter theme Park, Universal Orlando Resort’s Wizarding World, isn’t just for kids. Read how the park casts its spell over four adult Muggles.
Entrance to Harry Potter theme park

By Natalie Pompilio, Contributing Writer When my sister and I were making our plans to visit the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando Resort (the Wizarding World of Harry Potter) in Florida, the question we got most frequently was, “How many kids are in your party?” To which we answered, “None.” Because we grown-ups […]


Some of my favorite moments in Miami were spent exploring street graffiti art in Wynwood and stores in the city’s Design District.
Miami, Rainbow City by FriendsWIthYou, Miami Design District, Art Basel Miami 2010

It’s hard to tear yourself away from South Beach, especially the weather is nice and the beach is calling. But I found that some of the city’s most exciting art developments are happening on the other side of Biscayne Bay, in the Design District and gritty Wynwood, Miami’s latest hot neighborhood. When my cab dropped me […]


If you had all the money in the world to buy art, would you? My trip to Art Basel, the bigget Miami art fair, showed me that I have the desire to be a collector – but not the coin.
Mappa, a tapestry by Alighiero e Boetti, Art Basel Miami Beach 2010

My favorite game when I go to museums is to pick out the one piece of art in the room that I’d most enjoy having in my house every day. It’s fun to play with other people, as you can compare tastes and debate styles. It also helps you realize what kind of art you […]


Art Basel Miami Beach: What to Expect

by Chris on December 11, 2010

Is Art Basel Miami Beach too fabulous for normal folk? Nope! I found my time at the gallery exhibition space to be much more fun – and accessible to this non-expert – than I expected.
Robert Indiana piece at Art Basel, Miami Beach

When I accepted a trip to Art Basel Miami Beach, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard about the fabulous parties, where celebrities such as Madonna, Naomi Campbell and Julian Lennon, swill champagne with the leading lights of the museum, gallery and art collecting worlds. But could an ordinary, unconnected person with only […]


Tight and bright, with sky-high heels and as much glamour as you can handle. That’s Miami style in a nutshell. A look at the fashion, design and people-watching I saw at Art Basel South Beach.
travels, Miami, Miami Fl

The nail salon technician looked at the bottoms of my feet in disgust. “These are so dry,” she said, wrinkling her nose. “They need some work.” I winced, but I knew she was right. Since moving to chilly Seattle last June, I had changed my grooming habits – and not for the better. Flaky, unpolished […]


Hello Kitty, hello world! The Sanrio Small Gift Pop Up Shop toured the country in 2010. I caught the gallery exhibition featuring pictures of Hello Kitty at Art Basel in Miami.
Hello Kitty Small Gift Tour, Sanrio Pop Up Shop, Art Basel, Miami, Florida

I loved many things about my first visit to Miami’s Art Basel, considered the U.S.’s most important art show. From the serious works by name artists at the Convention Center to the impromptu gallery built out of a moving van, the entire scene seemed ablaze with creative  energy. At the end of the weekend, I […]


5 reasons you can have fun in Tampa/St. Petersburg, even if the weather is bad
Tourists shivering in Tampa/St. Petersburg

Five Reasons is a regular feature, where I outline the reasons why a destination is hot right now. If you’d like to run Five Reasons in your publication or on your website, contact me at chris@caroundtheworld.com. This week, I’m covering Tampa/St. Petersburg, where I spent New Year’s weekend with a college friend. As with most of the […]