This month’s desktop calendar wallpaper features a water lily floating in a pond on the grounds of the Four Seasons at Manele Bay in Lanai, Hawaii.
January 2013 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: Pond Lily - Lanai, HI

This is the February 2013 offering for our desktop calendar series – always free and available for iPad too! Get your February 2013 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper!  I took this photo of a water lily pond at the Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay. We were on Lanai because Chris had been invited to participate in the island’s  inaugural New […]


This week’s Photo Friday: Colorful orchid flowers photo from the Philadelphia Flower Show.
Orchid Flowers Photo, Philadelphia Flower Show

This is the latest of our weekly travel photo series, inspired by #FriFotos on Twitter. This week’s #FriFoto theme is FLOWERS.  Orchids are my favorite type of flower – not only because they are exotic, but because there are so many different varieties and bizarre shapes.  The photo above, of a moth orchid, was taken at the Philadelphia […]


Photo Friday: This week we show a glimpse of the spring flower displays that take over Philadelphia rowhouses this time of year.
A Show of Flowers in Philadelphia

This is the latest of our weekly travel photo series, inspired by #FriFotos on Twitter. This week’s #FriFotos theme is COLORFUL.  The mandevilla-wrapped doorway photo above was taken on a colorful rowhouse block in Philadelphia, which becomes a show of flowers during the spring.


The echinacea coneflower is one of the flowers that attract butterflies.
Echinacea Cone Flower

Today’s Photo Friday theme is SPRING.  Pictured  is a butterfly feeding from an echinacea “cone” flower.  


Tulip mania! A visit to Washington’s Tulip Festival in the Skagit Valley north of Seattle.
Washington Tulip Festival

Back in the 17th century, one of the first documented economic bubbles took place when the tulip, a flower originally cultivated by the Ottoman Empire, came to the Netherlands. The flowers became so popular that prices skyrocketed, with a single bulb selling for 10 times the salary of a skilled worker. Speculators jumped in, bidding […]


Spring Fever: Everything’s A Bloomin’

by Don Faust on April 2, 2011

Flower photographs from around the country, just in time for spring
Flower photographs, Tulips in Washington, DC

Spring officially arrived a little over a week ago, and when I think of spring, it reminds me of how everything starts blooming- all the vibrant reds and yellows, white and pink blooms on the trees – and of course, the multitudes of flowers.  Gardeners come out in droves, ready to plant their favorite annuals, […]


Want to know when the cherry blossoms bloom in Washington DC in 2011?

In just a few weeks, the branches hugging the rim of Washington DC’s Tidal Basin  will be bursting with delicate pink and white cherry blossoms. Yes, the winter of our discontent may be over, at least in the Washington-Philly section of the Northeast Corridor. Birds are flocking the Potomac River on their way north and daffodils are emerging next […]