Island Windjammers

Island Windjammers: the ship, Diamant

by Chris on January 19, 2010

Some first-hand photos of the Diamant, a 101-foot schooner used for Island Windjammer cruises
Diamant, Island Windjammers

Today I’m posting some photos of the Diamant, so people considering an Island Windjammers cruise can see what the boat looks like. The ship is 101 feet long and has six staterooms for passengers. There are quarters for six crew members as well. There are three public areas where people can hang out during the day. The […]


Island Windjammers: the food

by Chris on January 19, 2010

Short recap of the food served aboard the Diamant, on an Island Windjammers cruise
Phibert stirring things up, Diamant, Island Windjammers

I didn’t want to finish my Island Windjammers blog write-ups without mentioning the Diamant’s chef, Philbert, and the meals that he prepared from his small galley kitchen. A native of Gouyave, Grenada, Philbert was one of the more personable crew members aboard the ship. He worked as an assistant with Windjammer and developed most of his […]


Island Windjammers: the rope ship swing

by Chris on January 17, 2010

Reliving childhood on an old-fashioned rope ship swing aboard the Diamant, during an Island Windjammers cruise
Captain Matt on the rope boat swing, Diamant, Island Windjammers

As I mentioned in my first post about my Island Windjammers cruise, one of my favorite activities on the boat was flinging myself into the water from an old-fashioned rope swing attached to the side of the boat. I was the first to go Tarzan – but others soon jumped in. The crew would even do […]


Island Windjammers: the Passengers

by Chris on January 16, 2010

One of the best things about my Island Windjammer cruise on the Diamant: the other passengers
Aboard the Diamat, Island Windjammers

I just got off my Island Windjammers cruise on the Diamant – and honestly, I’m feeling a bit bereft. And it’s not just the unrestored equilibrium in my inner ear that has me off-kilter. The cruise had its high points and its low points (which I’ll detail later), but like any truly memorable travel experience, the best part was the people […]


Tips for fighting seasickness

by Chris on January 13, 2010

5 tips for avoiding feeling seasick on a cruise, boat or ship.
The Diamant, about to enter rough water. Island Windjammers

On a 101-foot schooner, you can really feel the sea underneath you. That can be great when we’re docked at night, and the waves lull you to sleep like a baby. It’s not so great when the waters get rough, however. Over the past few days in the Caribbean, where I’m cruising on the Diamant […]


Aboard the Diamant…

by Chris on January 12, 2010

A few first photos from my Island Windjammer cruise aboard the Diamant, a 101-foot schooner.
Diamant, Island Windjammers

My internet access has been sketchy at best for the past few days (and will continue to be so throughout the week). I’m on the Diamant, a 101-foot schooner operated by Island Windjammers, on an assignment for We boarded the ship in Grenada on Friday night and took off early Saturday morning. So far we’ve stopped […]