New Orleans

Riding on Mardi Gras floats is about the most fun you can do with your clothes on. A look at how it all comes together, based on my Krewe of Muses ride.
Mardi Gras floats

Spectators may only grab a glimpse of Mardi Gras floats as they roll by, but for the riders, preparing for a New Orleans parade is an all-day affair. I rode in the Krewe of Muses this year for the fifth time since joining the Mardi Gras organization back in 2001. It proved to be the […]


Pictures from the 2011 Krewe of Muses Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans.
Muse Parade at Mardi Gras

Today’s Photo Friday comes from Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  Pictured is the lead walking group of the Muses parade, one of the premier Mardi Gras Krewes.  The crowds come out in full-force to see the Muses, an all-women Krewe consisting of 20+ extravagantly designed floats, whose major theme is shoe-oriented.  Many of the float throws […]


Krewe of Muses 2011: A Family Mardi Gras

by Chris on February 28, 2011

As I prepare for Krewe of Muses 2011 this week, I’m also getting ready to see my family. What Mardi Gras means for families.
Krewe of Muses

This week, I’m heading to New Orleans where I’ll ride in the Krewe of Muses 2011 parade on Thursday night. It’s a family affair, as my sister will be on the float with me and my parents are driving in from Florida to watch the spectacle. Some people scoff when I tell them that Mardi […]


Planning a trip to New Orleans? Five reasons to visit the City that Care Forgot, written in 2010 – five years after Hurricane Katrina.
New Orleans

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the failure of the levee system that occurred in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Note the way that I’m phrasing that: It’s a deliberate reminder that the floodwaters that swept through huge swaths of the city came from a breakdown of man-made levees, rather than natural causes. It’s a […]


The mood in New Orleans, in light of the devastating BP oil spill: They’re pissed. As we all should be.
BP oil spill, New Orleans

“So, what’s the mood down there?” The question came from my dry cleaner, but I heard it in various ways from several people yesterday, as I told them of my weekend trip to New Orleans. The BP oil spill and the spewing pipe have become ingrained our national conscious, thanks to some outstanding reporting and […]


Commander’s Palace has still got it! A rundown of our Jazz Brunch at the venerable Garden District restaurant.

Commander’s Palace, that venerable turquoise restaurant in New Orleans’ Garden District that’s been around since 1880, has always been one of my favorite “occasion” restaurants, in a city where people go out of their way to find reasons to celebrate, no matter what disasters are going on at the time. Back in 1999, I lived […]


As seen on HBO Treme: New Orleans locations to tour on your next trip

Along with everyone else who has ever lived and loved in New Orleans, I watched the Treme premiere on HBO last night with eagerness, as well as a critical eye.  New Orleans is a famously complicated city to decode, which is merely one factor to its appeal, and there are so many colloquialisms that it […]


5 Reasons to visit New Orleans right now

by Chris on February 8, 2010

5 reasons why you should visit New Orleans in 2010
A Carnival costume - in Saints colors! New Orleans

Five Reasons is a regular feature, where I outline the reasons why a destination is hot right now. If you’d like to run Five Reasons in your publication or on your website, contact me at Today, just a day after the city’s football team the Saints defied the odds to win become Super Bowl champions, I’m taking a […]


Roundup: Super Bowl XLIV Tourism in Miami

by Chris on February 7, 2010

A roundup of tourism articles about Miami’s Superbowl XLIV battle between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts.
Peyton Manning or Drew Brees? This household is voting Saints for Superbowl XLIV!

Here in snowy DC, my husband and I are counting down the hours until the Saints take on the Colts in the Super Bowl in Miami. I’m cooking in between shoveling stints – brownies just came out of the oven and jambalaya is on tap for dinner (alas, I couldn’t find Abita in the pre-blizzard grocery frenzy). […]


Superbowl Fan Frenzy in New Orleans

by Chris on February 4, 2010

Who Dat?! New Orleans is already celebrating the Saints entry in the Super Bowl – and tourist bookings are up.
Saints fans in New Orleans, crazy over the Super Bowl

As if New Orleans didn’t have enough reason to party during this year’s Carnival season, the Saints have made it to the Super Bowl for the first time ever. It’s the feel-good sports story of the year: I don’t care what team is normally your favorite, you can’t help rooting for the team from the City that George W. Bush […]