Photo Friday: This week we show a glimpse of the spring flower displays that take over Philadelphia rowhouses this time of year.
A Show of Flowers in Philadelphia

This is the latest of our weekly travel photo series, inspired by #FriFotos on Twitter. This week’s #FriFotos theme is COLORFUL.  The mandevilla-wrapped doorway photo above was taken on a colorful rowhouse block in Philadelphia, which becomes a show of flowers during the spring.


Photo Friday: Doors in Philadelphia

by Chris on October 28, 2011

We searched through our pictures of doors for this week’s #FriFotos and found this one in Philadelphia.
Pictures of doors in Philadelphia

This week’s #FriFotos theme is doors, so we naturally went straight to our cache of Philadelphia pictures. As befits such a historic city, many of the doors in Philadelphia have an old-fashioned feel that’s accented with gorgeous flowers in the spring and summer.  


The week’s Photo Friday takes a look at the great food and good times served up at the Italian Market Festival in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia Italian Market Festival

This week’s Photo Friday (#FriFotos) theme is FESTIVALS.  Chris and I used to live only a half block from the Italian Market in Philadelphia.  Each year on the second weekend of May, we always looked forward to the Italian Market Festival, where the 6+  blocks of the market would be shut off from traffic, and […]


Philadelphia Freedom! Photos of Philadelphia, in honor of July 4th.
Photos of Philadelphia

Happy 4th! In honor of Independence Day, we’re putting up some of our favorite photos of Philadelphia, America’s first capital. Philadelphia Freedom, indeed. (Heading to Philly? Need a guidebook? Download our Philadelphia Essential Guide for iPhone & iPad instead!)                            


My house is sold….and I couldn’t be happier. Why buying a home isn’t right for this quasi-nomad
House is Sold

“I’m as free as a bird now…and this bird, she will not change.” Yep, I’m quoting Freebird. Or Free-biiiird!, which is probably how we all say it aloud in our minds. I’ve been playing that song in my head like bad air guitar ever since last week, when I received word that my house – […]


The latest version of my Philadelphia iPhone app is now available on iPad – and it’s still only $2.99. What are you waiting for? #whyIlovePhilly
Philly Essential Guide, iPhone apps, iPad apps, Philadelphia guidebook, Chris Gray Faust, Sutro Media

Just in case you’re getting some new electronic gear for the holidays – My Philadelphia  iPhone app is now available on the iPad! The updated version includes a full section dedicated to Philly sports, because we all know how manic the City of Brotherly Love gets about its teams.You’ll find info about the Eagles, the […]


A classic dive bar can give you insight into a city well beyond the typical tourist attractions. In Philadelphia, Bob & Barbara’s celebrates the days when organ jazz was king – as well as PBR.
Jazz musicians, Bob & Barbara

Generally, I’ve moved the past the point in my life where I enjoy dive bars. Most are too smoky, for one thing, and I’d much rather have  a nice glass of wine in a comfortable chair than feel a sticky floor underneath my feet. But every city has a few dive bars that are so […]


Looking for cheap massage treatments? Try the regulated student clinics at massage and bodywork institutes, available in almost all major American cities.

I do love myself some spa treatments. My idea of a good life includes regular massages, along with mani-pedis, facials and a perfect haircut. But my wallet can’t handle the high prices that most day spas charge (plus it’s hard to find all these things when you’re on the road as much as me). It’s […]


Cherry blossoms, Philly-style

by Chris on April 1, 2010

Cherry blossoms: Not just in DC. A few shots of Philly in bloom

Ok, so Philly doesn’t have the Tidal Basin or the Jefferson Memorial. But the City of Brotherly Love does have some cherry blossoms of their own. Here are a few shots of the flowers blooming throughout the city.

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As I research my Philly Essential Guide iPhone app, I sought out Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co., a would-be speakeasy that’s much easier to find than folks on Yelp would have you believe.

One of the best bar trends in recent years is the return of the speakeasy: quasi-underground establishments that are just hard enough to find to make it feel like you’ve earned that expensive cocktail. One of my going out regrets in Alexandria is that my husband and I never got dressed up enough to make […]