Sofitel Hotel Gendarmenmarkt

How much will you pay for hotel luxury? For me, the price limit is around $250 per night. Luckily, we found Berlin up for the challenge with several properties that offered quality with affordability.
View from Sofitel Berlin Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany

I am a hotel whore. No, not that kind of hotel whore. But in my years on the road, I’ve noticed that there are two types of travelers. Some people don’t care where they lay their heads, preferring to spend all of their time and money on activities, food and souvenirs. And others want to […]

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The hatted Ampelmann (Ampelmaennchen), who has guided pedestrians across East Berlin crosswalks since the early 1960s, is now a symbol of East German ostalgie, or nostalgia.
Ampelmann, Berlin, Germany

Walking around Berlin, few blatant signs remain as reminders of the German capitol’s divided past. One that does: the beloved Ampelmaennchen, the hatted characters that appear as pedestrian guides on Berlin’s traffic lights. Also known as Ampelmann, the characters were introduced in East Berlin 1961 as visual cues to help pedestrians make better traffic decisions. […]